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"Fashion Farm Foundation (FFF) is a non-profit organization established in 2012, founded by a group of enthusiastic fashion entrepreneurs and fashion educators in Hong Kong. 

Aiming to build a synergy among Hong Kong-based fashion designers, cultural practitioners, industry experts and retailers, FFF pledges to promote Hong Kong’s fashion design by encouraging and fostering collaborations between the business, lifestyle, educational and cultural sectors"


The designers behind the brand ID is Julio and Cyrus and is from established in Hong Kong. The brand is created by the inspiration designers’ chemistry and relationship, furthermore it is inspired by the contrasts of romanticism and realism. There is a contrast in their personalities, styles and aesthetics, which they use to create the concept of their brand. To get out their message and their love for harmony despite differences they built up a story but not only about how to dress the woman but also to emphasize on emotions.Their mission is also to portray the woman they love in their work. Julio is inspired by the beauty and fragility in women, which he shows in the smallest details. Cyrus is inspired by more spontaneous and ever-changing features, which he shows in most of the pieces that is created to transform.


Cynthia & Xiao is a chinese brand, which is lanced in 2014. The brand is consisting of Cynthia Mak and Xiao Xiao.
Cynthia Mak is from Hong Kong. She is educated in graphic design and have participated curses at CSM. During her graduation show she got a lot of good reviews from Italian Vogue and got on the list of “new talents”. Before they started Cythia & Xiao she has been working for Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Preen by Thornton and Roksandra Illincic.
by more spontaneous and ever-changing features, which he shows in most of the pieces that is created to transform.
Xiao Xiao - she is born in Bejing and later she moved to UK. She has been studyed Fine Arts and Textiles in High School and later she has been specialised in knitwear at CSM. After working for some different fashion companies in UK she moved back to China, because she would get to know the chinese fashion market before she made her own brand. In China she worked for at local company called WO square.

In Cynthia & Xiao they cooperate in making a collection, which combine Cynthias background in fashion and graphic design and Xioas expertise in knitwear.


FFIXXED STUDIOS is a collaborative art and design project initiated by Australian artist/designers Kain Picken and Fiona Lau in Berlin, February 2008.
Their main focus is to create clothing for men and women, which adapt to the society and environment around us.
Kain and Fiona met in Melbourne, where he attended the Victorian College of the Arts, while Fiona studied Fashion Design at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Afterwards they moved to Berlin where they launched FFIXXED and six years later, the label is stocked internationally and present at New York, Tokyo, Paris and Shanghai Fashion Week.
In 2010 the brand moved their studio to Shenzhen in China. 
FFIXXED STUDIOS  are known for their high-quality natural fibres and highly personalized production techniques.


With a room crowded with all sorts of fashionistas from all over the world, the show seemed like a success. You could really feel the passion for fashion while entering the room based on the atmosphere.
People were talking in every corner about the designers, and the upcoming show. Then the show started, and the room went silent. 
The music made the collections come alive, and drew attention to the audience. The designers seemed satisfied with the shows, and happily talked about it afterwards. 
Over all it was a fantastic show with a group of very talented designers.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Sunday, 26 March 2017


Simon Porte Jacquemus was born January 16th, 1990 in Salon de Provence. He is the French designer of the company and brand Jaqcemus.

The love of a gypsy seems to be the headline of jacquemus latest show in paris which was held in a big warehouse. The catwalk went from corner to corner across the big warehouse with seatings along the podium.  

The collection was feminin and the silhouettes where symmetric with inspiration from several decades such as the 20s/30s and 50s. With exaggerated proportions. Inspiration taken from the 50s in shape of broad shoulders and small waits and inspiration from the 20s in form of dropped waits. Mainly the colour pop came from the bags - the bags where rectangular with half circles as handles from which a chain hung creating the illusion of a full circle. The overall feeling of the pieces, venue and music was dark with a red thread through all aspects.


Sunday, 19 March 2017



From Aarhus
Went to Rathlous School in Odder – graduated in 2000. Then studied at Teko and graduated in 2009 He’s a former creative thinker at 30KM Studio (2009-2011) and creative director at VOID Showroom (2012-2014) In January 2011 he started his own brand Leon Louis. As a 2-year old he started drawing and immediately fell in love with art and construction. He’s known for his very special materials, details and old fashion approach. His father had his first career within men’s fashion in the 70´s and 80´s. Leon inherited a lot off his wardrobe and became especially interested in 1880´s fashion. He loved the functionality and quality in the fabrics- all of this kickstarted his approach to the fashion world. SS17 is full of raw, special made materials as leather and fine cotton. The silhouettes are simple and functional with a lot of little details that you will only find if you look very closely. Everything from the stitching to the buttons are thought thoroughly through, and Leon Louis for sure doesn’t compromise.

Saturday, 28 May 2016


Anrealage AW16 If you had to sum up the Anrealage AW16 show in one word, it would have to be “grey”. The name of the collection was “Noise”, which the music certainly reinforced. It was not as much music as it was noise, but it felt somewhat fitting to the collection of exclusively grey, white and black clothes. It all looked very alike, nothing in particular stood out. This might have been on purpose, invoking a sense of TV static, but it did not make for an interesting show. The scene was set up with a large mesh cube in the middle, reminiscent of a kind of futuristic boxing ring, in which the models walked in a particular pattern, giving a good look of the clothes from all angles, in motion and still, for all guests of the show. It did drag out a bit, and the choreography was not always as tight as it could have been, but it was a novel and interesting way of showing of the clothes. The clothes themselves were unfortunately not very interesting. None of the grey suits and grey dresses stood out, and were it not for the pictures we took, I would have a hard time describing any outfit. It was like a big, grey mass of fabric.


Anne Sofie Madsen AW16 Located in an underground parking garage, the AW16 show was in one of the more unconventional locations of the season. The “scene” spanned 3 floors, and the very mundane scenery stood in stark contrast to the feminine and extravagant clothes. The clothes got much of their femininity and extravagance from the shapes and silhouettes, as brown was the main colour used. As in previous seasons, the collection had a clear deconstructive lean, with classic pieces being torn apart and put back together again in ways that gave them a flowey look. This was especially apparent in the long trenchcoat with the fur collar. The way the model walked only exaggerated the look, and was the most memorable outfit of the show.